Appreciation given to from Yura Min and Alex Gamelin to Sponsors and Donors to the Min Gamelin Althlete Fund


In Appreciation for Your Support

We sincerely appreciate every donation we receive. This support helps to defray the ongoing cost of training and competition as we skate forward to represent the Republic of Korea successfully on the world stage. Simply put, your support helps us skate forward! For this reason, our Appreciation Page is a place for us, given permission, to acknowledge our supporters publicly.

Thank you to the Korea Skating Union (KSU), the Korean Sports & Olympic Committee (NOC), the Skating Club of New York (SCNY), our supporters, and our devoted parents, family, friends, and fans. You are our inner circle, and your backing and encouragement mean the world to us!

Finally, if you’ve yet to join our inner circle of supporters, please do so now. Become an athlete sponsor or donate to the MinGamelinKorea Athlete Fund at GoFundMe. It’s fast, easy, secure, and what’s more, you can do so from anywhere in the world!  You can make a tax-deductible donation on our behalf to NEASF. To learn more about NEASF and how to make a tax-deductible donation on our behalf click NEASF.


고등학생이 걸어 다니며 TV를 통해 쇼를 보았고 동시에 훌륭한 운동 선수와 예술가라는 사실을 알 았습니다. 많은 돈을 벌지는 못했지만 우리는 당 신 편이니까요 – – -A lot of Koreans thank you for you guys. Please let us see your beautiful performance again at 2022 Beijing Olympics. Go Go Go!!! – – – 모든 여행을 위해 최선 – – – All the best to you two and thank you for fabulous skating today! – – -항상 행운을 빌! – – -Amazing Performance! Keep it up until Beijing 2022! – – – 아리랑은 아름다웠다 – – – Arirang was so great! Thank you for great performance. See you at Beijing! — Arirang – – – As a Korean who is currently enjoying watching the 2018 Winter Olympic in Pyeongchang, I sincerely support both of you! – – – 행복한 ~ !!! 🙂 – – – Beautiful Korea, beautiful Arirang !!! — Beautiful skates at 4Cs & the Olympics. Good luck at Worlds! — 베이징에서 보자! — Bravo Yura & Gamelin!!! Thak you for your passion for the art! Viva Korea! — 당신의 열정을 응원해라 !! — “Can’t wait to see you guys again in Beijing Olympics! — Wish all the best for your future journey, Alex, and Min! — 격려하고 다음 올림픽에서 다시 만날 수 있기를 바랍니다 — Cheers! I’m proud of you. — 응원해라! 당신은 최고 다 !!!!!! — Cheers! We are proud of you so much! — Dear Gamelin & Yura. In PyeongChang, your skating was touching. I always support you. To me, you guys are more valuable than medals. I will hope to see you more. Cheers! —“Do your best and don’t worry! —“Don’t close this fund. This amount (as of today) is not good enough to Beijing. So many people want to see this fund to grow. It is their dream too for you to go Beijing. Fighting!!!! When you are in LA, e-mail me, my wife and I like to treat you guys a dinner. —꿈은 이루어진다!!! — Don’t stop! —Don’t give up your skating career and thank you for being our proud national ice dance skaters! —Excited to see both Koreans happily compete in our dear home country. Go Yura/Alex! See you in Beijing 2022! — 두 한국인이 우리의 친애하는 고국에서 행복하게 경쟁 할 수있게되어 기쁘다.”유라 / 알렉스, 2022 년 베이징에서 보자! — Fantastic, Perfect Creativity. —Fighting to next Olympics to represent Korea 🙂 — 싸움!!! — 싸우는 ~ 나는 너를 위해 응원한다 — 싸우는 ~ 나는 너를 위해 응원한다 “First of all I really like to thank both of you, Min and Gamelin for the great skating you’ve done. It was really impressive and not only touched my heart but also everyone’s. I hope to see you two in Beijing! — 프리 스타일 춤은 정말 인상적이었습니다 —From SteemIt #Kr Community. — “Gamelin, you and min’s show was very impressing! I love it. I’m looking forward to your stage in Beijing. Thank you. You’re BEST ATHLETE OF KOREA! — 알렉스 & 유 라라! — Go Beijing!! You are the BEST 🙂 — 베이징으로가! 가라,가! — Go for Beijing! Thank you for your great performance! — 2022 올림픽에서 금메달 관람! 2022 — Go for it, Yura and Gamelin! — Go for it!! you guys were amazing and thanks a lot to be Team KOREA! —다음 올림픽에 가자 !! — Go, Gamelin, I will cheer for you forever! —Go get it! Fun Yura n Alex! — “한국에가요! 평창에서 자유형 스케이트를 타면서 아리랑 연설을 듣는 걸 좋아해 —Go Min & Gamelin to Beijing!! — Go to China! I want to see you then. Gamelin and Yura, You’re my best team! Thank you to be heard Korea’s traditional song, Arirang! —Go Yura & Gamelin! Very touched by your programs at the Olympics this year and your passion for ice dancing. It was very moving. Hope you know there are a lot of people out there to support you 🙂 — 유 라쿠라 가서 알렉스 가고 아리랑 — “Go Yura Go! Go Gamelin Go! Due to your lovely performance and spirit, I find very new interest in Ice dancing. — Hope my small money could be useful for your steady challenge guys. Thanks!! — Go! MinGamelin! We Koreans Love you guys! — Go ~ Go ~ U guys & 정말 환상적입니다! — 하나님이 축복을 주셨으면 좋겠다. — Good luck! I hope to see you Beijing Olympics. From Seattle, 7yr old Lindsey Park with Love. — Good luck! Korea loves you!!! — 당신의 도전에 행운을 비네. — Happy to support you to keep working out for Beijing Olympic games. —Hello, Min&Gamelin, I’m so proud of you so I donate some money, it’s small but I wish to see you at the Beijing Olympic!!! —Hello, I saw the potential of two athletes through this Olympics. And I want to thank you both for participating in this Olympics. As a student, I can’t give much money to you, but I hope you will help in your training. God bless you. — 베이징 올림픽을보고 항상 당신의 공주를 지원하 기를 희망합니다 🙂 — 유라 (Yura)의 거대한 팬, 베이징에서 다시 두 분을 만나게되어 정말 기쁩니다 —Hooray! Your Arirang was really touching. I really want to see your team in Beijing again. — 베이징에서 만나길 바래. —

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