Appreciation given to from Yura Min and Alex Gamelin to Sponsors and Donors to the Min Gamelin Althlete Fund


In Appreciation for Your Support

We sincerely appreciate every donation we receive. This support helps to defray the ongoing cost of training and competition as we skate forward to represent the Republic of Korea successfully on the world stage. Simply put, your support helps us skate forward! For this reason, our Appreciation Page is a place for us, given permission, to acknowledge our supporters publicly.

Thank you to the Korea Skating Union (KSU), the Korean Sports & Olympic Committee (NOC), the Skating Club of New York (SCNY), our supporters, and our devoted parents, family, friends, and fans. You are our inner circle, and your backing and encouragement mean the world to us!

Finally, if you’ve yet to join our inner circle of supporters, please do so now. Become an athlete sponsor or donate to the MinGamelinKorea Athlete Fund at GoFundMe. It’s fast, easy, secure, and what’s more, you can do so from anywhere in the world!  You can make a tax-deductible donation on our behalf to NEASF. To learn more about NEASF and how to make a tax-deductible donation on our behalf click NEASF.

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Thank You 감사합니다! 

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