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There are plenty of good reasons to join us on the road to 2022 Beijing and beyond with your donation to the MinGamelinKorea Athlete Fund!

For starters, skating forward successfully to the 2022 Winter Games takes lots of money. In fact, it takes roughly $200,000 a year for us to meet baseline training and competition expenses.

We receive a small stipend for these costs, but a good portion of the funds must be raised by us each year. That’s why we are asking for you to give generously to the MinGamelinKorea Athlete Fund today!  Your giving helps to defray our expenses as we skate forward for the next four years to the 2022 Winter Olympics.  It’s a tangible way to share in our passion, pride, and commitment to represent South Korea successfully on the world stage.

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One way to give is by credit or debit card at, or you can just click here, DONATE at GOFUNDME. [Sorry, Our GoFundMe site is down for maintance]

You can also give on our behalf to the New England Amateur Skating Foundation (NEASF).  NEASF is a tax-except organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.  NEASF administers charitable donations made by individuals, organizations, and corporations for the benefit of approved figure competitive skaters worldwide.  You make these donations by check with our NEASF Donation Form.  Donations made on our behalf through NEASF are considered tax deductible. 

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