Sponsor Yura Min and Alex Gamelin who represent the Republic of Korea in senior ice dance

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Two-time South Korean Ice Dance Champions
2018 South Korean Olympic Team 

It had been sixteen years since the Republic of Korea put an ice dance team on Olympic ice. And now, Min Yura and Alexander Gamelin, the two-time South Korean Ice Dance Champions, have done it! The team qualified for their Olympic spot at the September 2017 Nebelhorn Trophy and Gangneung Arena was alive with excitement as Min and Gamelin step onto the ice as South Korea hosted its first Winter Olympics – 2018 PyeongChang!

Become an athlete sponsor for Yura Min and Alex Gamelin, Team Min Gamelin, and benefit from the excitement and the productive commercial relationship these athletes can offer for the next four years leading to the 2022 Games in Beijing and beyond. Sponsors can benefit not only from these athletes’ substantial following, but from the natural East/West marketing connection these athletes offer as attractive, personable, and responsible brand ambassadors. Both athletes are dual South Koran and U.S. citizens.

Min Gamelin Athlete Presentation

Yura Min Alexander Gamelin 2017 South Korean Ice Dance Champions, Athlete Presentation






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Sponsor South Korean Ice Dancers, Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin
Sponsor South Korean Ice Dancers, Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin